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How To Leverage Cannabis Influencers

Finding California Cannabis Influencers

With over 400-million active users, Instagram is by far the most important social media platform for your marketing efforts. A cannabis influencer is someone who will be virtual word-of-mouth for your brand. Harnessing the power of influencers can build the identity and trust for your brand.

In 2018 Instagram updated the algorithm to give preference to quality of quantity – THANK GOD. When growing your following you should be very selective in curating your images and try to keep the same color palette in rows of 3-6 images.

Running a cannabis Instagram campaign can be a hefty workload. Unfortunately, it can lead to a major drain of time and take you away from running your business. The solution is either hiring someone within your company or finding a creative content agency like Stoned Fox to handle your social marketing needs. The advantage to hiring an agency is you tap into their established network of cannabis influencers, photographers, creative directors, hair and makeup, locations and more.


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One of the major advantages of Stoned Fox is they provide cannabis influencers lists for their clients like these:

Female Cannabis Influencers

Male Cannabis Influencers

*Only available for clients

For those of you just visiting this page for the top cannabis influencers check out Lola Langusta, a global fashion DJ and the founder Stoned Fox. The below image is from when she played at the Versace Met Gala party.

One thing to consider when paying a top cannabis influencer is choosing whether or not you want to control what they are saying. There are two sides of the coin here. The trick is making it authentic and relatable or their followers will smell the promoted post from a mile away. If you can make the content organic you will see the most impact on your influencer campaigns. However, if your campaign is next level it is easier to get away with blatantly promoting a brand. With the introduction of stories swipe-up, we can now directly link to a website. This is a very powerful tool and you should always include this in your influencer campaigns.

Analyzing Influencers Account

When finding herb influencers it’s all about ROI and there are many things to take into account to get the most bang for your buck. When finding California cannabis influencers the first place to start is making sure the influencer’s content aligns with the overall image of your brand. Don’t just look at their followers. Study the type of followers that comment and make sure that they are your demographic. Dig deep when analyzing, it’s all about quality engagement.

Be aware of Influencer fraud. There are many accounts out there that buy followers, likes, and comments. You can always ask an influencer to share account analytics, but we recommend using platforms available to analyze Instagram accounts. Some that you can use are HYPR, Traackr, and more. I’m a fan of Hypeauditor,  which breaks down all the analytics for an Instagram account in the following ways:

  • Audience quality score – AGS is a metric which looks at engagement rate and authenticity.
  • Audience Type – by, real people, influencers (accounts with >5,000 followers), mass followers (accounts who have more than 1500 followings. They use automatic tools for Follow/Unfollow), and suspicious accounts.
  • Demography – Country, states, cities, and language.
  • Age – followers by age percentages and male and female.
  • Audience Reachability – Accounts that follow less than 1,5000 are considered more reachable.
  • Audience Authenticity – Percentage of accounts that don’t look suspicious.
  • Followers & Following – A line graph showing progress.
  • Audience Interests – The interests by percentages such as; beauty & fashion, photographer, art & design, etc.
  • Engagement – Average likes + comments. Plus engagement rate percentages.
  • Likes spread – If the spread is too low it might be a sign of paid likes.
  • Comments Authenticity – Sometimes giveaways and contests can come across as spammy.
  • Likes-Comment Ratio – The ratio between likes and comments.
  • Brand mentions – Advertising performance (number of likes and comments received on brand mentions),  Post frequency, Advertising post frequency, and brand mentions.

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