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Finding the right top-rated barber aka hair dresser can be a lifelong journey. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to cut my own hair after getting a hair cut here in LA. That was until I met Audra Luzell who is a top hair stylist in Los Angeles. She is known as the fixer within the hair industry and she is also the coolest girl you will meet. Some people say hair stylists are like therapists and I would say this might be true. She gives the best advice I have ever had when it comes to business and relationships.

audra luzell

Here are the services offered:

Women’s Cut


Color Correction


Mens Cut 

Mens Color

So my new hairdresser is also really good at doing quality color and color correction which is truly an art form and science. If you are still reading this post you should just head over to because this post is literally for ranking Audra’s site as the best reviewed hair stylist in Los Angeles. In retrospect, this hopefully will not get indexed itself but it just might. So here is a final reminder, just click on the above website already.


I am literally now typing for typing sake as I need to reach a three hundred word count about hair and stuff. I wonder what else I could talk about, how about hair color? What is your favorite color? I personally like dark brown. For the sake of adding some relevance we might as well name all the hair colors, red, blonde, brown, black, and grey. Speaking of grey hair that is one of the things that you can get fixed by the fixer. You watch Ray Donovan? Well she is like the Ray Donovan of hair you follow? Well I think I may have got a couple grey hairs after typing this thing. I am going to go and drink some coffee now.


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